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At Canadian Centre for Advanced Eye Therapeutics, Inc we:

• Act with honesty and trustworthiness to build constructive partnerships and work collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes.
• Are an innovative leader in meeting the needs of its members.
• Are a consistent leader in Canadian subject enrollment.
• Are able to work with any central ethics boards
• Meet enrollment targets
• Ensure high standards of GCP are met
• Value respect, confidentiality, diversity and dignity
• Aim in excellence in all efforts with full involvement of the primary investigator and clinical research staff.

At our facility we have:

• A comprehensive patient population > 100,000 with ophthalmic diseases and issues with addition of New patients every week
• Masked and Unmasked staff fully trained on their respective responsibilities
• Private room for a monitor to perform monitoring activities
• Temp monitored fridge and a freezer for IP and ancillary supplies storage
• Locked and secured area for clinical research documents and supplies
• Blood work processing station
• Certified IATA and medical lab techs
• Certified BCVA and ETDRS technicians
• 4 meter certified lane for ETDRS BCVA and refraction
• ETDRS box with Chart R, 1 and 2
• Reading centre certified imaging technicians.
• Sterilized Injection area
• Operating rooms
• Advanced Imaging equipment with updated software versions
• An archived area


Award for the first patient enrolled in Canada.


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